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To make convenience both clients and the owners, so our Real Estate office has a mission is to provide a trusted and quality service in South Coast area of Cambodia, conducting business with honesty and integrity is extremely important to our company. The coverage areas we work is KAMPOT mostly and Kep not oftenand other places if required from the clients. We aim to help our clients to have a fair price on Purchase of the property. Moreover, we and our lawyer have already been served our clients, both Khmers and foreigners, with a strong protection on renting, buying property in Kampot and Kepas well as in Cambodia (safe purchase- safe rent).

BlueStar likes to add something new to Kampot province and has more plans/projects.


To build a career worth having, business worth owning, lives worth living, experiences worth giving, and legacies worth leaving


To be the real estate company of agents and their choice for customers. 


God, family, then business.

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